[AMRadio] FS: R-71A, Dentron, Books, Military Manuals

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon Mar 20 09:36:04 EST 2006

For Sale. All prices plus shipping unless noted

Icom R71A receiver. Excellent condition in original
box with original manual. Working perfectly. A premier
receiver. $395  OBO

Dentron 160-10 Amplifier. Uses 4 572Bs or 811As.
Reasonable weight and compact for an amp of this
caliber. Works but I did not test thoroughly. $295  OBO

Military SA-44/APR antenna switch. One in, six out.
Built like a tank. N connectors. Knob Missing. $15

Sanki "Shark" 110-E Chassis Punch set in carry-pouch
with instruction sheet. Five punches, handle, reamer.
Sizes range 5/8 inch through 1-3/32. Used but still
good. $25

Hammarlund Filter Assembly Part Number SA-178-A. This
is the crystal filter unit that mounts to the front
panel on the older Hammarlund Super Pros. This is in
the original box, but certainly shows it's age. As-is.

RME HF 10-20 receiver preamplifier. Dirty as can be
but should clean up to excellent condition. With
original manual. $30

Central Electronics 10B transmitter with the command
transmitter VFO adaptation. The edges of the front
panel on the transmitter have many scrapes and
scratches. But it is complete and original and the
presence of the CE-modified VFO makes this a
portentially interesting project. I might have the 
manual for the 10B. $49

Lafayette PF-200A VHF FM Receiver covering 30-50mc and
144-174mc in 2 bands. Solid state. Has S meter mod
where headphone jack used to be. Works using
headphones. With original manual. $15

Books and Manuals. All plus $2 US Media Mailing.

Military Navships 900,508 Radio Transmitting-Receiving
Equipment Navy Model MBF original manual, Collins
Radio Co., 8/17/1945. Nice. $20

John F Rider, The Rider Chanalyst, An Explanation,
1938. This looks like the original Chanalyst manual
embellished with some additional usage information and
a replacement pats list. Nice shape. $20

Aircraft Radio Corporation, Instruction Book For ARC
Type 12 Equipment With UHF Supplement, January 1955.
Diagrams, Pictures, the works. Awesome. $30

Military Instruction Book for Operation and Mainteance
of Radio Transmitters BC-400 -B through -E, Radio
Receptor Company, October, 1942. Nice. $12

Military TM 11-866 Radio Receivers BC-779 and Power
Supplies RA-74, Hammarlund Super Pro Receiver,
February, 1948. Nice. $12

Military Instruction Book for Operation and Maintenance
of Radio Receiver AR-77 and AR-77E, RCA Mfg. Co.,
September 1942. Nice. $17

Military AN-08-10-187 Handbook of Operating
Instructions for Radio Receiving Equipment RC-103 and
RC-103A, 16 July, 1943. Nicks at corners. $9

USAF Extension Course Institute, Aircraft Radio
Repairman Volume 4: Aircraft Command Radio
Communications Equipment, May 1955. Thick manual
covering ARC-27 and ARC-33 radios. $30

James Knights Company Crystal Handbook, 1953. Theory
and practical advice on designing around many
different crystal cuts, why to choose on cut over
another, etc. 25 pages or so. Cover loose. $10

Sylvania Electron Tube Application Notes, 55 pages,
1960. Well written details of implementing tube
circuits and production characteristics of tubes that
call for specific approaches to tube circuit design.
Interesting book. $15

Collins 75S1 receiver original manual. $30

The Thyratron And How It is Used, GE, 1948. 15 pages.
Lots of drawings and photos. $5

Solar Type CF Capacitor Exam-eter original manual. $5 

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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