[AMRadio] Switching between multiple rigs

Jim candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Sun Mar 26 10:47:32 EST 2006

Mike Duke, K5XU says:

I want to be able to select between my current 3 rigs via a switch. Since
rice boxes are included, I want the best isolation possible for the
unselected equipment.

Recommendations, please.
Mike Duke, K5XU



    This is a nice idea, and it would be helpful in many ham shacks. I
wonder how far you want to go here. Some of us use the same microphone,
compressor, equalizer, speaker, etc. on all our rigs.

So what do you want switched? Here are some examples that come to mind:

1.) coax to tuner or antenna. A 3 position coax switch will do nicely here,
and most will short out the unused inputs

2.) Microphone and speech processing equipment. This usually will need to be
home-made, with attention to shielding, and the impedances involved. Ground
loops might make this troublesome unless great care is followed, or go to a
balanced line situation like broadcasters do.

3.) Speaker / headphones. A 2 pole triple position rotary switch with some
means to provide a load (maybe 8 ohms) to the unused output is needed here.
I say 2 pole switch because tying all the audio returns together might cause
a ground loop and aggrivate your transmit audio.


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