[AMRadio] Modulator design needed

Mike Dorworth, K4XM k4xm at arczip.com
Sun Mar 26 14:36:30 EST 2006

807 in class AB1 at 400 volts 36 watts, 500 volts 46 watts, 600 volts 56
watts and 750 volts 72 watts.
Usually subtract 10 to 15 percent for transformer losses etc.
 Almost a perfect match for the 6N2 at any voltage used.. Mike

> Just remember if you are going to use a tube phase inverter rather than a
> driver transformer the modulator tubes need to be run in AB1 and not AB2.
> You can't run any grid current without a driver transformer.
> This leaves out 807's as modulators as you can't get very much power out
> them in AB1 but they are fine in AB2 as they are used in most rigs. Dx100
> etc.
> 73
> Gary  K4FMX

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