[AMRadio] Switching between multiple rigs

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Sun Mar 26 19:43:26 EST 2006

Here is what I did:

I found a small rack mount box from work, and put lots of coax 
connectors on it, a bunch of terminal strips (screw type),
and inside I have a bunch of rotary switches of various types.

Its about 5 inches high, rack mount, front is painted black and
the switches are labeled.

I have from left to right, 
mod monitor sample control (high voltage variable capacitor, about 50 pf)
Receiver selector switch, 7 positions,
AC switch, 7 positions, this connects to various transmitters,
Antenna switch, 4 position (big heavy duty ceramic switch)
Transmitter antenna selector switch, 4 position heavy duty ceramic.

Inside is a big open contactor mounted on rubber isolators, that is my
T/R relay.

I can pick any antenna (or dummy load), any receiver, any transmitter,
and which transmitter keys the T/R relay.

I also have a pair of coax connectors to go to the watt meter and or tuner, 
no matter what selections are made.

I also have two small relays to do muting and so on, about 6 normally
open, common, and normally closed contacts out the back on screw terminals. 

For the audio, I use one setup, one mike into the berringer, the berringer 
goes to a dual output audio amp that drives 2 modulators at once.
One side goes to my pair of 813's rig, the other goes to the push pull
812a transmitter.

The 32v3 uses its own D104.

Any and all receivers have audio line level outputs going to a rack mount
Marantz audio amp, 5 inputs, line in and outs, bass, mid and treble
headphone jack, low and high filters, etc. into one nice 3 way speaker.

I use an icom 756 pro to excite the transmitters, it has two antenna outputs
and a separate receive input, so all I have to do is push a button there.
its keyed by one of the relay contacts in my switch box.

I don't remember what I did with the push to talk setup, I have a small
DPDT switch on the mike base that runs to both big transmitters to key them.
This all adds up to a mess of wires and cables, but allows me to
hook up anything, and select it once its hooked up.
I can switch between transmitters or receivers in 2 seconds, do A/B/C
antenna switches, all from one location. 

Any transceiver gets hooked up to a spare receiver position, since 
it has its own TR relay built in.

This is one of the best things I ever did for the shack, no ugly
coax switches all over the place, no confusion as to what is hooked up,
no dow key relays, etc.


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> I want to be able to select between my current 3 rigs via a 
> switch. Since 
> rice boxes are included, I want the best isolation possible for the 
> unselected equipment.
> Recommendations, please.
> Mike Duke, K5XU
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