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Chuck wa2onk at verizon.net
Mon Mar 27 12:22:33 EST 2006

       If available, I'll take the 1967 handbook.
  Chuck   wa2onk

Merz Donald S <merz.ds at mellon.com> wrote:
  For Sale: Radio Books List Two. All prices plus $2 USPS media mail shipping. Shipping combined on
multiple books. 

Buschsbaum, Tested Electronics Troubleshooting Methods, Prentice-Hall, 1975. Hardback with dust
jacket. Excellent. I wouldn't sell this one except I already have a copy. 225 pages. $10

Tom Kneitel, Surplus Conversion Handbook, CQ, 1964, paperback in nice shape, 190+ pages. A surplus classic. $10

Joe Carr, The Radio Hobbyist's Handbook, Tab, 1982. Hardback with dust jacket showing Drake TR-7 station. Excellent book, but this copy has become bent from years of sitting on the shelf wrong. It might be fox able or not. It's perfectly readable and not fragile. $5

Richard Johnson, How to Use Signal and Sweep Generators, Rider, 1953. Paperback-just slightly bent from poor storage. Excellent read. $5 2 copies available.

Marcus and Levey, Elements of Radio Servicing, Second Ed., 1955, McGraw-Hill. Probably the best book on this topic ever written. Hardback 550+ pages, with torn dust jacket. $20

Marcus and Levy, Elements of Radio Servicing, 2nd ed., 1955. Hardback with slight cover wear. $18

Marcus and Levy, Elements of Radio Servicing, 3rd ed., 1967. Updated with coverage of transistor radios and printed circuits. 300+ pages. Not quite as good as the 2nd ed. $15

W. Edmund Hood, How To Be A Ham, Tab, 1986. Paperback, 300+ pages, about half of which is a license Q&A. $4

Dave Ingram, Secrets of Ham Radio Dxing, Tab, 1981. Hardback, 175 pages. $5

William F. Mullin, ABCs of Capacitors, Sams, 1966, Library hardbound, 100+ pages. More info on capacitors than you may ever want to know. $5

John A. Kuecken, How To Measure Anything With Electronic Instruments, Tab, 1981, 300+ pages. $5

James M. Moore, Rado Spectrum Handbook, Sams, 1970, hardback 170+ pages. Some useful stuff, some beginner stuff. $5

Rider, Bench-Tested Communicaions Projects Selected Form Elementary Electronics and Radio-TV Experimenter, paperback, 1968, 120+ pages, nice. This has the 5-watt single 6AW8A 80/40 CW transmitter in it along with other good projects. $5

R. L. Drake Logbooks. These are the one with the pschadelic LOGBOOK lettering on the cover and pictures of the C-line and Drake manufacturing on a couple of the pages. Otherwise nice logs. $2 each. 6 available.

Triplett, Scope Connections, 1955, 25+ pages, 8.5x11 format. Shows generic scope setups for various situations. Uses Triplett 3441-A scope in the examples and could b used as a manual for that scope, or for general learning. $8

Sending Practice, Drills and Exercises, Rado Division, Enlisted Department. Source and date unmarked but this is a WWII-era military training booklet with CW instructions and drills. Small format. $5

US Dept. of Commerce, Radio Instruments and Measurements, 1937 reprint of 1924 original. 250+
pages. $5

G-QRP Club Circuit Handbook, Compiled from The G-QRP Club Journal, 1974-82, 96 pages, 1983. 8.5x11 format. Projects large and small for the QRP enthusiast. Some are tube, but most are solid state. Nice. $10

The Lenkurt Demodulator, 1963-1966 issues in Lenkurt binder, plus 3 loose 1975 issues. 24 issues total. $10

RCA 1963 Pocket Reference Book. Tubecharts, bases and much more, plus 1963 pocket planner. $4

Tung-Sol Industrial Tubes Interchangeability Guide, 1963, 15 pages, 8.5x11 format. Cover stained and worn. $5

Middleton, Receiving Tube Substitution Guide Book, First ed., Rider, 1950. 200+ pages, 8.5x11 format. $14

RCA Receiving Tube Manuals. $10 each except as noted.
RC-19, cover stained, 1959
RC-21, 1961
RC-22, 1963, nice
RC-26, undated, spine taped. $5
RC-27, 1970, small cover tear at spine. 

ARRL Handbooks
1967, library bound hardback, slightly bent. Solid. $6
1972, cover missing, otherwise quite readable, $2 or free with any purchase
1973, good $5
1975, good $5
1978, good $5
1982, cover corner dog-eared. $5
1986, like new in original ARRL mailer. $10

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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