Fwd: [AMRadio] Replies to the AM reflector

Brian Sherrod ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 14:26:44 EST 2006

On Monday 27 March 2006 1:15 pm, Donald Chester wrote:
> Just a reminder that clicking on the "reply" button will direct your
> posting back to this list.  To reply directly to the sender, you have to
> copy the e-mail address and paste it into the "To:" box.  More than once I
> have inadvertently posted messages to this list when I had meant to send
> them only to the original sender.
> Don k4kyv

Good point.

Sometimes doing a "reply-all" will place both the original sender's and the 
address of the list in the TO line.  Then just delete the list address 
leaving the address of the sender ONLY.


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