[AMRadio] FS: Boatanchors, RCH, Knight, Xtals, More

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Mar 28 10:56:09 EST 2006

For Sale. All prices plus shipping.

Military WWII Navy RCH HF radio receiver made by E.H.
Scott. Heavy, rackmount radio with gray front panel
and black knobs. It's all there and it's all original
and it's all grungy. The front panel paint is okay but
it wasn't ever a handsome color to begin with-the gray
is dark with a greenish tint. The knobs need
polishing, the dial bezel was painted light gray and
that paint is scratches in places. The chassis
underside is pretty clean but the top side has light
rust in spots and dull "metal rot" on every surface.
It really needs cleaned up to look nice again. I
haven't powered this up but I'm sure it needs
restored. There's no visible problems-the controls all
seem to be working. It's just a good, old-fashioned
restoration project. $135 OBO plus shipping on 90 pounds.

Hammarlund Super Pro cable. This is the cloth-covered
cable that has phenolic strips at each end that hold
lugs that attach to the terminal strips on the back of
the older Super Pro 200/400 receivers to connect the
radio to the power supply. Nice shape in every
respect. $20 shipped to your door.

Lafayette TE-25 CR Analyzer. Typical tuning-eye type
CR bridge, but not a model commonly seen.
1962-vintage. Very dirty but should clean up to
excellent original condition. With test leads and
original manual. $35

Grid dipper extravaganza! Or not. Three classic grid
dip meters with all required coils-Paco G-15 (I tested
this and it's not working-no manual either), Eico 710
with original manual-missing the little loop of metal
that passes for a UHF coil. Untested. And the classic
Heathkit GD-1B with all coils in coil box and original
manual-also untested. But wait! There's more! Also
included is a Knight-Kit Grid dipper-but just the unit
itself-no coils-and the meter pointer is bent, though
probably fixable. $60/all

Central Electronics Multiphase 10B exciter. Dirty
inside and out with some scrapes at the front panel
edges. With a few extra coils but no manual. Appears
to be complete and original, but needs restoration.

Military WWII TU-5-B Tuning Unit for the BC-375 WWII
Navy aircraft transmitter.  Covers 1500kc through
3000kc-good for 160 meters. This is in the CS-48 metal
box. With calibration chart. Needs cleaned up but is
basically in very good original condition. $85

 E. F. Johnson 100E45 16-101 mmf single section
varaiabl capacitor NOSB. Plate spacing looks good for
750V or so. $12

Box of NOS WWII military crystals. These are the ones
that I think were used in the FM tank radios
BC-604-605 etc. They're black with white engraved
markings on top that say "CHANNEL xx   XX.X M C", for
example "CHANNEL 39   23.9 M.C." These crystals have
never been out of the box and the box is packed with
channels 0 (20.0 mc) through 79 (27.9 mc) in order. 2
crystals-for channels 45 and 46 are missing and may
never have been there. Pin spacing is FT-243, but the
crystal bodies are larger than I'm used to seeing on

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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