[AMRadio] Home Brew AM Transmitter Wanted

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Tue Mar 28 12:15:01 EST 2006

Building is a LOT of work, but fun.
If you was to ask me, there is not a lot out there
for a reasonable price that is not homebrew and is worth a crap.

30K1, KW1, T368 BC610, Johnson kilowatt, old broadcast TX.

It's a shame I am so attached to my homebrew stuff or
I would sell it and build more.

A pair of 813's at 2000 or so volts does real well,
about 600 watts out.
A pair of 812a's or 811a's does about 300 watts easy, 
and with 811a modulators is a simple stable rig.

The 4-125/250/400 need 3000 volts or more to be real happy,
and that is a stress on some parts.

The hard parts to get seem to be high voltage variable
capacitors, high power switches, old plug in coils that have
not turned to dust, high voltage oil filled caps, and big iron.

On my last transmitter, I wound a pie net coil using 
copper tubing.

Finding lots of nice looking matching meters is hard.

I must have huge amounts of money and time in my homebrew
rigs, and I cant imagine selling them for any reasonable
price and being happy about it. 
I sold my 30K-1 and did not worry about it.

On the other hand, I have seen homebrew stuff at ham fests
that they would have to pay me to take...



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> Bob Maser wrote:
> > Anyone out there have a well constructed home brew AM 
> transmitter that 
> > is laying around collecting dust?  I am looking for one that runs 
> > 350-1000W out and can be fully integrated or one that uses a driver 
> > for the RF and modulator.  If you have one that you would 
> be willing 
> > to part with, give me a call at 813-643-3034 or E Mail me.
> >
> > Thanks for reading 

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