[AMRadio] HB Xmtr, was: Home Brew AM Transmitter Wanted

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Tue Mar 28 15:38:40 EST 2006

I tried various amounts of capacitance, and got different results
with each, some sounded  more bassy.
That was with the CVM5, I put the rca in there and it sounded better
so I just left it in without the reactor.
Maybe if I used the reactor, the bass would go down to 20 cycles, 
but I chop it off at about 70 cycles anyway...

One thing I noticed about the CVM5 was major changes
in operation with different taps, none of which sounded great,
some were not bad, but not great.

The rig runs 2000 volts at 400ma (rf), and a pair
of 4x150A (4cx250B) modulator tubes in AB1 at 2000 volts.
800 watts in with 600 watts of audio available to modulate it.

I used all the windings on the cvm5, but tried other
setups to get the impedances.

The big rca mod trans is 4350 (rf) to 10,400 (modulator)
I think, and bigger then the cvm5. I have 3 of those I think,
they seem to work good in everything, the 813 rig, the 812a
rig, and the pair of 4d32 rig.

I have not tried the reactor with the RCA, I don't see the need...


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> Brett,
> 	Explain more about how the rig sounds better without 
> the reactor.
> To me, if the modulation XFMR is large enough to not need a 
> reactor, then
> putting in a reactor and coupling capacitor should not make 
> any difference
> unless the reactor is not doing its job or the capacitor is too small.
> 	I have heard of some instances where the audio is 
> altered by leaving
> out some thing and sometimes the altered audio is better than 
> the original
> voice.  HIHI
> John, WA5BXO
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