[AMRadio] FS: Radio Books List Four--Great Tube Books

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Thu Mar 30 09:38:04 EST 2006

For Sale: Radio Books List Four. All prices plus $2
media mailing. Shipping cost combined for multiple

RCA HB-3 Transmitting Tube Section. This has been
carefully added to up through about 1965. Nice. $20

RCA HB-3 Receiving & Industrial Tube Section. Not
updated past about 1959. $12

Electronic Circuits and Tubes, by The Electronics
Training Staff of the Cruft Laboratory of Harvard
University, 1947. Massive and detailed work-almost
1000 pages in a single hardback volume-covering topics
such as Measurement of Circuit Elements, Networks and
Impedance Matching, Transients and Coupled Ciruits--
along with much, much more. The analysis is both 
graphical and mathematical with a very well-written 
text. The most impressive volume on tubes I have 
ever seen, bar none. $60

VHF Handbook For Radio Amateurs, Bill Orr, W6SAI,
Radio Publications, 1974. Paperback, excellent. $5

Richard Johnson, How to Use Signal and Sweep
Generators, Rider, 1953, excellent. $7

Joseph  Carr, The Complete Handbook of Amplifiers,
Oscillators and Multivibrators, Tab Hardback, 1st ed.,
1981.  $10

Paul C. Smith, Know Your Oscilloscope, Sams paperback,
1963, excellent. $5

Mannie Horowitz, Troubleshooting Electronic Test
Equipment, Tab books, 1986. Comprehensive 440
pages-all solid state. $12

Marcus and Horton, Elements of Radio, Volume I only,
1943. Prentice-Hall hardback. Companion Theory book
for Elements of Radio Servicing by Marcus and Levy.
300+ pages. $8

Quartz Crystals For Electrical Circuits,  Raymond A.
Heising (Bell Labs), D. Van Nostrand, 1946. 550 pages.
Hardback. Fabulously thorough. Deep math and theory
all the way to detailed photos of the manufacturing
process and detailed discussions of variances in
manufacturing. Just plain awesome. $45

Fredrick Collins, The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 10th
ed., 1957. 350 pages. Lots of photos and partial
schematics for Heathkit gear. Ex-library with
plastic-coated dust jacket. Excellent. $12

Hertzberg & Collins, The Radio Amateur's Handbook,
15th ed., 1983. 375 pages. Material somewhat dated by
the time of this edition. $10

Keith Henney and James D. Fahnestock, Electron Tubes
in Industry, McGraw-Hill hardback, 3rd ed., 1952. 330+
pages. Great stuff. $18 each 2 copies available

Herbert J. Reich, Theory and Application of Electron
Tubes, 2nd ed., 1944, McGraw-Hill. 700+ pages.
Excellent discussion of power supplies and other VT
applications. $28 each. 2 available.

Samuel Seely, Electron Tube Circuits, 1st ed., 1950,
McGraw-Hill hardback. 520+ pages, superbly
comprehensive. Detailed coverage f amplifiers,
oscillators, AM, FM, and much more. $35

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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