[AMRadio] Free kilowatt BC transmitter - Long Island NY

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 31 12:27:41 EST 2006

>From: VJB <wa3vjb at yahoo.com>

>Please take a look at this link.  I've talked with a
>few people, and kindly pass the link along to anyone
>who has the interest in saving it from the scrap heap.
>It would be a real shame.

That is quite a transmitter, dating back to an era when transmitters were 
transmitters, built with no limits to cost, size or weight in mind.  Gates 
ads claimed that it was designed with performance as the only consideration, 
and then the cost was calculated after the fact.  It is double the size of 
the  later Gates kw boxes:  6 1/2 feet tall and 6 feet wide, 33" deep, and 
weighing in at 2650 lbs. (The BC1-T weighs less than 900  lbs).  The mod 
xfmr alone weighs close to 200 lbs, and the modulation  reactor is 100 
henries at 600+ mills, and the plate xfmr is quite a monster.  Uses a pair 
of 845's to drive the modulator 833A's - with real E.F. Johnson 833A 
sockets, not those house manufactured things on a strip of bakelite. The rig 
actually has turns counters for the rotary inductors, and there are 13 
meters on the front panel.  There are 4 doors on the cabinet, 2 in front and 
2 in back.  Those doors undoubtedly add several hundred pounds to the 

I'm not sure if the cabinet separates into two sections or not.  If so I 
would strip it down completely and then disassemble the cabinet and haul it 
out piece at a time.  Otherwise, strip it down, buy a few sheetmetal blades 
for your skillsaw, and cut the cabinet into small enough pieces to get out 
the door, and use the goodies to build up a nice homebrew rig.  By carefully 
cutting up the cabinet, the metal panels could be preserved for building 
something a little more compact for ham use.  I'm not sure, but the cabinet 
panels may be made of aluminium, not steel.  If so, this would be a real 
treasure indeed.


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