[AMRadio] hot water heater element dummy loads

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Wed May 3 00:32:39 EDT 2006

Strange that you mentioned this, John. I almost posted about these
wire elements earlier, mainly out of curiousity. The RA-1000 I picked
up last September came with one of these for a dummy load. One mesh
sheet or element, maybe 2-3 feet long by 1 foot or so wide. Surrounded
by a metal frame with large porcelain stand off insulators on the
corners for mounting. The engineer (Bob, also on this list) told me
that this is what they used for a dummy load and I was amazed. Not
only had I never seen one before, it's difficult to comprehend
something like that handling a full KW carrier!

I take it they aren't as common as the non-inductive resistors that
snap into those large clips?

~ Todd,  KA1KAQ

Amazingly enough that thing would easily handle 1kw carrier plus modulation 
for several hours! 
I had found this out one summer afternoon when a thunderstorm rolled through. 
Back in the "good ol days" when there was a receptionist at the station able 
to handle light duty button pushing should I be out of the station, a 
thunderstorm knocked the Raytheon off the air. [The Raytheon was -the- main 
transmitter....sounded much better than the McMartin that was used as a back-up] 
Instructions were that if a thunderstorm was nearby, the back-up transmitter was to 
be put on the air. [ a McMartin BA-1k...which now is in some ham shack in Tenn. 
Anyhow, the receptionist fired up the McMartin alright, but forgot to switch 
the rig over to the 2 tower array antenna. When I came rolling back into town 
after everyone had left the station for the day, within 3/4 of a mile from the 
station, a very weak signal was heard. Come to find out, the back-up rig had 
been on the dummy load for several hours!...at full power at 120% modulation! 
To my surprise, no harm was done to the air cooled, metal framed with 
porcelain stand off insulators dummy load.

At another station that I engineer for, I currently use what someone else 
suggested using, light bulbs. I use two tower light beacon incandescent bulbs 
wired in series...works well for 1kw at 970khz. 

BTW, if all goes well with a few certain things on the home front here, I'm 
looking at getting back on HF mid to late summer [AM window look out!]

  Bob Carter - KC4QLP
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