[AMRadio] Smoothing Choke

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Thu May 4 10:58:14 EDT 2006

    I appreciate your take on the power supply and agree for the most 
part.  Even though this particular ART-13 will see little if any CW 
operation I would like the supply to be as stable and clean as 
reasonably possible.  You are absolutely correct about the difference of 
availability of capacitors and chokes in today's world versus the days 
of W.W.II.  I considered using more modern components and at one time 
even thought about an all solid state power supply.  It would be much 
easier and cheaper to construct and less expensive to operate with less 
heat.  However, the lure of the olden days kept calling me back to 
glowing tubes and swinging chokes.  So, even though I agree that with 
modern technology applied I could have a cleaner, lighter and less 
expensive supply, I will likely stay with the old school thinking on 
this one.  That is IF I can get the ripple to a low enough level so as 
not to cause problems on the transmitted signal.
    Thanks again for your advice and explanation, you make a very valid 
point and one which would serve my project well.

Jim candela wrote:

>   Sorry but I am going to throw a wrench into this discussion. Those
>swinging choke power supplies, although useful, have been out of favor for

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