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A long time ham friend is RF engineer for HAARP, Steve. You can read about his work there in backissue of Radio World - a few months back. They are still continuing the build-out of the facility to maximum capability, with many transmitters. Continental Electronics has a very nice order for the rigs, and are producing them right now, with CPI/Eimac supplying hundreds of 4CX10,000D tetrodes. Last summer I was at the factory in Dallas, and saw a half dozen in stages of completion with another 3 being tested under power. They were state of the art transmitters, still using tubes in their finals!

Last week I had dinner with one of the investigators using the facility. She is creating afterglows in the ionosphere, among other things. They use very sensitive optical telescopes to detect this, and have even modulated faintly (once) the natural aurora. There is no sinister agenda here, but the site has of course, been used for some 'non-commercial' experiements, with various affects on the ionosphere and magnetosphere for affects on communications. For the most part, it is being used for basic and fundamental science, much in the way that our country (and other leading tech nations) invests in that. Yes, it is a dual-use facilty, that is the only way to get large experiments funded in America these days. But the benefits of HAARP to understanding our earth and space around it, is unquestionable. 


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> What a coincedence, the Science Channel ran a program about HAARP this
> afternoon.  And supposedly they had an interview with the patent holder to the
> foundational technology for HAARP.
> He claimed that the initial reason for his invention was to convert natural gas
> into electricity and then into a highly focused EM beam.
> The beam would then be 'received' and then converted back to electricity.
> Go figure.
> de KA4JVY
> Mark

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