[AMRadio] FS: Boatanchor Test Gear, Grommes Amp, Wurlitzer Lyric

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Mon May 8 09:14:34 EDT 2006

For Sale: Boatanchor Test Gear, Antique Radios. All
prices plus shipping.

RME HF 10-20 receive converter. This receives
20-15-11-10 meters and converts it to 40 meters. The
manual says that it is recommended for use with the
RME 45 and 84. All original. Nice condition. Dirty as
can be but should clean up to excellent condition.
With original manual. Untested. As-is. $35

Eico 147 Signal Tracer. All original. Dirty but will
clean up to excellent looking condition. Uintested.
As-is. With original manual. $25

Amp Supply DL-1500 dry dummy load with original
receipt and instruction sheet. SO-239 connector. Will
take 300 watts indefinitely as it sits. Add a fan to
this and it will take a kilowatt for long periods of
time. Identical in looks, size and capability to Drake
DL1000 dummy load. $40

Brown Brothers CTL-A combination stright key and
paddle on a single black wrinkle base. Paint has some
tiny chips. One thumb nut on the paddle is wrong.
Finger grips for the paddle are missing. BUT chrome
looks brand new. As-is. $45

NAF 68304 Beam Filter. Classic WWII Navy aircraft
radio cockpit radio accessory. With original cord and
plug. Nice. $15

Test socket adapters: $10 each

Tall 9-pin miniature
Tall 7-pin miniature
Short 9-pin miniature
Short 7-pin miniature
Short Octal (2 available)

All American Mohawk (Wurlitzer) Lyric Junior cathedral
BCB radio. No veneer missing-all woodwork is original
and solid. Front panel and grille cloth are very good,
though they show some age. Top is scratched up a bit
and shows some wear. Working reasonably well. All
original. Has Wurlitzer metal tag on top rear and
Lyric Junior decal on chassis. Dust it off and put it
it on the shelf. A fine addition to any old radio
collection. $300

Grommes Little Jewel LJ6K 10 watt output push-pull 6V6
integrated mono audio amplifier. All original with the
correct front panel and bottom cover.  No rust-painted
chassis is excellent. With original construction
manual including oversize wiring diagrams with
color-coded wiring. Really nice. $99

Heathkit TC-2 Tube Tester. This is in a brown vinyl
case which has a melted spot about 2 inches in
diameter on top. A clasp has been added to the case to
hold the 2 halves together. Otherwise the case is nice
looking and solid with a good leather handle. Inside,
this tester is excellent, all original, with a good
working roll chart. I tested one tube in this-a weak
6J5 which it correctly diagnosed as weak. Otherwise
untested and as-is. $30

B&K Dyna Quik 500 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube
tester. This is the one with many tube sockets and
tube socket adapters for some tube types. The chart is
in the lid. Setup is simple. I tested the same 6J5 as
with the Heathkit above and it correctly showed 1900
micromhos, which is right on the money for a weak 6J5.
 Case covering and handle are in good shape. Needs
cleaning. $85

Paco C-25 In-Circuit Capacitor Tester. Small unit,
about VTVM size, that uses a horizontal, rectangular
tuning eye as an indicator. Tests all caps for shorts
and opens. Tests electrolytics for value from 2-400MFD
in 2 ranges. Looks excellent with intact leather
handle. $15

Precision E-400 Sweep Generator with marker generator.
4 FT-243 crystal sockets are provided for your choice
of marker frequencies. Range is 5mc to 400mc in about
6 bands. This one has the original Precision output
cable with switchable termination at the end. Lots of
options. Case styling matches the popular Precision
E-200-C signal generator. This thing is really, really
dirty. It will clean up well, though the powdery stuff
on the big dial may not clean up perfectly. I'll clean
it if I get a chance. As-is. Untested. $25

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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