[AMRadio] Flyback Transformer for Old 'Scope

crawfish crawfish at surfmore.net
Mon May 8 23:17:20 EDT 2006

Kim, I have a 547 that I can scrap for the transformer. Will let you know
                         Joe W4AAB
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Subject: [AMRadio] Flyback Transformer for Old 'Scope

> Does any one know where I might find a flyback transformer for an old
> Textronix 647 'scope? My Dad (W5JHJ) has one of these and the flyback
> transformer is bad. The 'scope works fine, except for this. When the
> transformer heats up, the insulation breaks down and the display
> dies. After a bit of cooling, everything works fine until it heats up
> He's checked with Tektronix and they have none available for such old
> 'scopes. He hates to junk it, but unless we can fix it, it isn't very
> useful and he doesn't have much interest in keeping it as a museum
> Kim Elmore, N5OP
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