[AMRadio] Ferroresonant transformer revisited

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Wed May 10 08:53:53 EDT 2006

>Donald Chester wrote:
>>This sounds similar to my experiences with a Sola constant voltage 
>>transformer.  Is that what a ferroresonant transformer is?
>>Don k4kyv

>I believe they are one and the same, Don.  Sola is a manufacturer of 
>ferroresonant transformers.

John Coleman ARS WA5BXO wrote:

>They are also called "CVT" (for Constant Voltage Transformer) I think or is
>there a slight difference that I am not aware of??
>John, WA5BXO

The transformer I had (which ultimatly went back to Ronnie/W5SUM when he
got my 450TL's) was labled a "Sola Constant Voltage Transformer".

90 ~ 150v input, 7.5v ouput @ 42amps.

I remember hooking the thing up one time, to check some tubes (450's)
and with just the primary connected, the durn thing was 'noisey'.  Made
noise, just sitting there, with no load.  Noise didn't change with a
load, either, but that transformer sure did lite up a pair of 450TL's...
7.5v @ 12amps, each.

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