[AMRadio] Gin Pole for folding tower question - OT

Brian Sherrod ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Thu May 11 14:51:27 EDT 2006

Sort of off topic, however I know there are some really smart guys on here
that may know the answer to this;

I've got a Rohn bx48 (48' light duty tower) that I would like to be able to
fold over/up for any maintenance.  It will have a Ham IV rotor/3 el.
tri-bander and dipole pulley at the top.  I plan to mount in the concrete
base a 25' steel pipe 4 1/2" diameter with 1/4" walls directly behind the
tower for raising and lowering to tower.  The pipe will be 20 feet above the
ground level with 5 feet embedded in the concrete tower substructure.  It
will have a pulley at the top of the pipe and a hand crank at about 4 feet,
with steel cable attached to the tower at the 20 foot level.  Question is;
will 1/4" walled 4 1/2" steel pipe be able to withstand the foot lbs.
required to raise and lower this tower below the 45 degree mark without
buckling?  Seems I can not find any pipe this size with larger wall diameter
around here.  I could guy the pipe in the opposite direction if needed...

Any mechanical engineers out there know the answer??


Brian / w5ami

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