[AMRadio] Early Dayton Hamvention Report

david knepper collinsradio at adelphia.net
Sat May 20 23:25:48 EDT 2006

Just arrived home (Sidman, PA) this evening Saturday) late.

Weather was terrific on Friday and Saturday; however, Saturday was simply 
beautiful.  Best weather that I can remember in the last 12 years.  My face 
is like the color of a beet!  You could not have asked for better weather.

On Friday, there were lots of empty outdoor vendor spots but Saturday many 
spots became filled.  The bottom row next to the fence had wide open spaces.

Attendance was noticeably down on Friday but picked up on Saturday.  I 
thought that attendance was about the same as last year.  No pushing and 
shoving inside the Arena on Saturday.  Had no problem moving about.

Noticed that ARRL did the full court press with a large delegation of ARRL 
officials occupying a large portion of one of the halls.  What was that all 

Our Collins Forum that the CRA sponsors was very well attended.  Thanks to 
all who attended and to Jim Stitzinger who was one of the presenters.  Room 
5 was not a room but an open area inside the Arena floor - open at the end. 
Somewhat distractful but manageable.  I believe that we had over 70 

On Friday, I traversed the fleamarket and saw very little Collins equipment. 
A gentleman who stopped by my vendor spots told me that he sold two KWS-1s. 
He admitted that he undersold one for $900.

Saw a Hallicrafter HT-20 in which the owner wanted $1,300.  Did not sell by 
late Saturday afternoon.  Much of the older equipment looked rather warn and 
needing extensive restoration.  Saw a Globe King 400 with an extra meter and 
in poor condition - asking price over $600.

Glad to be home.  The two days went by so quickly as ususal.

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