[AMRadio] Early Dayton Hamvention Report

W4AWM at aol.com W4AWM at aol.com
Sun May 21 00:55:20 EDT 2006

Hi Dave,

I saw those 2 KWS-1s and they were pretty bad, especially the $900.00 unit. 
The WRL unit was no bargain, either.

The HT-20, on the other hand, was extremely clean, inside and out. I was able 
to see the inside since some knob twister broke off the bakewlight main 
tuning knob shaft and the owner had to tear the whole thing apart to replace it. It 
is the cleanest one I have ever seen and would love to have it in my 
collection. Two problems, though, it is too darn heavy and I don't have anyplace to 
put it. Besides that, $1300 is out of the ball park.  He must have seen the one 
that went on the auction spot several months ago for big bux! It wasstill 
there when I left at 5:30 mSaturday.  If he shows up tomorrow, I will make him an 
offer, but I really don't expect to get it. There will  always be another.

Nice chatting with you and the XYL.

Sorry I didn't make the forum. I was at another one which was going on at 
bthe same time.



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