[AMRadio] Heavy Metal

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun May 21 22:12:06 EDT 2006

Hi all...

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of one of our own I am the proud 
owner of  a BTA-1R2 as of yesterday.  Now the search begins for a few 
items.  First and foremost I need a manual for the beast.  A preliminary 
search of the internet didn't produce anything.  I did find that Bama 
has a complete BTA-1R1 manual that looks pretty good and even though I 
understand there is little difference in the two models I would really 
like to get the 1R2 manual.  The only other thing I need is good strong 
"doorway stretcher"!

Anyone happen to have  manual they'd be willing to sell or copy?  If 
not, does anyone know where I might find one?


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