[AMRadio] Heavy Metal

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon May 22 10:47:08 EDT 2006

Thanks Brian.  I don't remember the number describing the size of the 
crystal, but it has a small silver case the size of those used in the 
old Johnson Messenger (White and Black Face) CB radios (I just converted 
a couple to 10 meters.)  However, they have larger pin adapters soldered 
on them unlike the CB type crystal.  I was amazed when I finally got 
inside the oven to find such a small crystal controlling such a gigantic 

By the way, I need a couple more of those ovens if you or anyone else 
happens to have some.


Brian Carling wrote:

>Congrats Rick! DId you get a look at the crystal socket yet?
>Brian, AF4K

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