[AMRadio] 20M AM Activity

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Tue May 23 13:39:17 EDT 2006

I'd like to stir up some activity on 14.286 AM. There used to be quite an 
active group up there with W6HQI(SK), W8VYZ, WA4KCY, W6HDU, and others. I'd 
join them from time-to-time back in the latter 80's and early 90's. 

I talked to W8VYZ last weekend on 40M, and he said he still gets up there, 
but I've not heard him when I've looked in recent weeks. 

I called a CQ w(ith one of my Viking Is) on the above-mentioned frequency 
last Wed. nite, and a pleasent QSO ensued with a ham that I had never before 
met, although he lives all of 15 miles from me! 

Then last nite I called CQ (using the 30s homebrew rig - PP 812As modulated 
by 805s - 1st time this rig has been on 20M!) and this resulted in 3 
consecutive solid QSOs - N4VIC/mobile in GA, N4OYT (also in GA, but not 
moile), and KJ0L (IA). None of these guys, including last week's qso, were 
regular AM ops, but they put their rigs on AM for the occaision. 

So, I guess all of this is just meant to encourage folks to check out 14.286 
and call an AM CQ now and then - you get to meet new folks other than the 
(usually local) group of regulars that are on the lower bands. I'll be 
spending more time up there, I know. Look for me between 8-10PM, especially 
Monday evenings. 


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