[AMRadio] BTA-1R2

Larry Will lhwill at verizon.net
Tue May 23 16:32:42 EDT 2006


Its a typical WELL INSULATED flex shaft coupling with the required 
size holes.  The full 3.1 kv B+ is on the rheostat.

Larry W3LW

At 02:29 PM 5/23/2006, you wrote:
>To all owners or those familiar with the BTA-1R series of transmitters:
>The "Power Raise/Lower" variable resistor (1R405) is connected to 
>the motor unit which turns it when switch #1S202 is operated.  The 
>connection between the motor and the rheostat on mine is gone and I 
>can't seem to find a legible picture showing exactly how the two 
>circular pieces (the one the motor and the one on the resistor) 
>connect together.  Mine had a make shift piece of felt held securely 
>by a radiator hose clamp at one time, but this too was broken.  Can 
>someone take a look at their 1R  and let me know how they are really 
>supposed to be connected.  It appears that this may have had some 
>kind of slip type clutch arrangement originally, but I could be way 
>off base on that.
>Any help and advice will be greatly appreciated.
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