[AMRadio] Polycom 62 was Dayton Stuff

k0ng at inebraska.com k0ng at inebraska.com
Thu May 25 19:44:51 EDT 2006

Hello Bob: Thanks for the reply. No, never owned the Polycom. Thats
partly why I would like to try one. My first 2 meter rig was a hombrew
superregen/modulated oscillator. Never worked anyone but did get some
airplane traffic. I quickly graduated to military surplus like the
SCR-522, ARC-3, ARC-5 etc. Still have/use some of that (started in 55).

Well I dont know what the 4X4's or whatever means ?? Send your offer (if
you do) direct to my e-mail address. I dont mind letting the guys here
follow along but you might.

73 DE Charlie, K0NG ..

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