[AMRadio] BC-610 Modulation Transformer

crawfish crawfish at surfmore.net
Fri May 26 03:31:35 EDT 2006

It is open-frame. I need the pin outs(wiring diagram to pins, etc.). I
ordered a manual from the surplus place in Lima, OH. Hopefully I will have
QRO on 160 by this fall. BC-339 will be QRO on 75,40, and 20.
                              Joe W4AAB
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> Is it open frame or potted?  The reason I ask is because the open frame
> style like in the 610 "E" has a definite tendency to "talk back" where
> as the potted transformers are less likely to do so.  If nothing else,
> you have a very sought after transformer.
> Rick/K5IZ
> crawfish wrote:
> >I was given a BC-610 modulation transformer this past weekend at Dayton,
and need specs on it. I know the -610 used 100TH's, but have other
tubes(HK254, 4-125's, 813's). Trying to find portion of the TM on the BC-610
that has the schematic.
> >                               Joe W4AAB
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