[AMRadio] BC-610 Modulation Transformer

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Fri May 26 11:45:39 EDT 2006

John E. Coleman (ARS WA5BXO) wrote:

>I think the XFMR has four connectors on one end and two on the other end.
>The bottom two of the four are to be strapped and make the B+ connection for
>the modulator.  The top two, of the four, are the modulator plate
>connectors.  The two on the other end are the secondary winding to go to the
>final plate circuit.
>This is from memory and pictures, so don't take it for 100% accuracy.

I'm thinking that's correct, John.  I just had both of my '610 mod xfmrs 
in the truck, and dropped 'em off at W5KGZ in Beaumont, on the 16th of 
May.  Maybe you could send Perry some email, and ask him.

Greetings y'all, from Brunswick, Georgia.  Leaving here in 1 hour, and 
headed to Charleston, SC.

If anyone is around, I'll be /m4 on 7290~7295kc AM.  Listen up, 
though... my amp dumped on me, so I'm down to 30w outta the bugcatcher.  
Good reports so far, though.

Have had a good trip, with on-air QSO's with K4CR, WA4FUR, WW9W and 
eyeball QSO's w/WW9W/Robert (another good looking BC-610 in Punta Gorda, 
FL) and N3DP/Don, and numerous connections via IRLP back to San 
Antonio.  Good Radio time, with the exception of a broken wire at the 
impedance matching coil (inside the insulation), causing high SWR, and 
consequently, burning out one or both of the 2SC2879 transistors in the 
amp. :-(

Calling CQ 40m, from the pissweak mobile, W5OMR/4

73 = Best Regards

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