Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Fri May 26 20:47:07 EDT 2006

Great find, Bob!  Once you get your crystals (I'd suggest 29.000 and 10k 
steps) just retune for the new frequency and you're home free.  N other 
mods necessary.   If you want a little extra pepper on it, strap the 
power resistor and replace the rectifier with a couple of diodes.  
Remember, we used to call this "black tube and strap" back when...  You 
can easily get 10 watts of real nice AM out of it.  I have a Black Face 
in the shack ready to go on 29.000.  By the way, Petersen is the way to 
go for the crystals as you stated.  Very accurate and very fast service.

Have fun and see you on 10 meter AM.

Bob Peters wrote:

>	Ok guys get ready to say crazy but I just purchased a Johnson
>Whiteface that is NOS Brand new in the box. It actually is in the
>Johnson Box along with all original paperwork including the how to get a
>license, and we gripe about Vanity Pay Licensee. Back in 1964 it cost
>$8.00 to get a class D call sign. It even has the stick on Call Sign
>plate. The mike is still wrapped in plastic.  Now what am I going to do
>with it...CB  Nooo can not bring myself to put an antenna on it and pick
>up the mike !!!  CONVERT it to 10 meters... YEP will do and need some
>help...Xtals no problem from Peterson.. Any one out there that has the
>conversion for it???  HELP PLEASE...Also what are the best AM Fqs to put
>it on 10 meters??? Are there any mods that any of ya all remember???
>I am going to get a pix and all the documentation up on my web site
>I know that 10 does open and that there is activity..  Thanks guys and
>just call me crazy!!!
>Oh By the way it came with the Johnson Radio checker upper...  Dummy
>load, Mod Monitor, Field strength, SWR.. Not 100% new but almost. Paid
>way too much but this was my 1st CB in the 60's.  
>Best 73's
>Bob W1PE

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