[AMRadio] White Face Johnson

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sat May 27 06:27:29 EDT 2006

On the White Face Johnson, that's cool you found one
NIB.  I'm sure you'll save all those packing materials
and the literature. 

On selecting a handful of crystals, yes, 29.010, 020,
030 are good starts. Never heard much on 29.000, no
particular reason, and there was an Australian station
who liked 28.990 and would draw some activity when
Cycle 23 was at high tide.

In that same period, a group of Collins enthusiasts
generally parked on 29.050 during the day weekends (US
time) for a domestic AM "roundtable," such that it was
on ten meters (not everyone could hear everyone). 

International AM was a few hours before that to
Europe, the UK, and scandanavia. I usually parked on
030 to work a fellow in France with whom I became good
friends, F5HSH.

Here's the sound of what you can look forward to:


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