[AMRadio] RCA blower

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat May 27 10:52:09 EDT 2006

Thanks for the tips, Paul.  There is no doubt the service will be 
considerably lighter than its original application and likely I could 
get by with less air flow.  I'd just like to get it back close to 
original if possible.  I will be looking for a quieter blower, no 
doubt.  However, I've been searching for that elusive "quiet blower" for 
some time for my 3K Premier and have yet to find it.  Most likely I'll 
remote the transmitter, so noise won't be too big of an issue.  I'd love 
to have it right here in the shack so I could watch those beautiful 
4-400's glow, but I'll probably have to forfeit that.

Thanks and 73,

VJB wrote:

>You may not need an original type blower in that BTA,
>and the failure of the one you've got is a chance to
>cut noise in the room where the transmitter will be
>Since you'll be running voice rather than higher duty
>cycle music programming, and since transmissions will
>be intermittent rather than continuous, I'll bet you
>can operate well within temperature margins on those
>4-400s by configuring just about any lower flow blower
>you have laying around.
>Despite the original likelihood all 4 tubes would be
>operating under enough load to have their plates
>glowing in a broadcast application, RCA didn't even
>put chimneys on those 4-400s, probably concluding it
>was adequate to rely only on that blower to move lots
>of air through the cabinet. Your operating
>circumstances are far milder. 

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