[AMRadio] White Face Johnson

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sat May 27 17:07:14 EDT 2006

I am sort of surprised at the discussion of this radio.  The whiteface was 
much better built than some of their amateur gear.  In it's inception, the 
Citizen's Band as it was dubbed, required type certified radios.  In 
actually it was Class D business band and created for an inexpensive way for 
businesses to have communications over a limited area.

Because of skip and the fuel shortage of the 70's it met its present fate. 
During the fuel shortage, when the speed limit was set nationally at 55 MPH, 
truckers adopted it for communications to avoid "Smokey".

10 meters is a great band much of the time even though we do not know it, 
unless someone makes noise and another hears.  Back about 6 years ago, 10 
was wonderful and I regularly worked a guy out in NC from Las Cruces, NM who 
used a Johnson CB.  He only converted it to 10 meters and used it as is.  I 
have never been a fan of crystal control because stations would choose an 
open frequency and call CQ.  If you are crystal control, as the NC station 
was, I would find him calling me 10 or 20 kc away and that was after I 
monitored my transmit frequency for a time looking for answers.  When I 
found him, I would tune to his frequency and we could have a QSO lasting an 
hour or more. At that time the band could be one station after another from 
29 to 29.150.

I suppose there is a type of magic using a converted CB, but I would 
probably find a Ranger, AF-67 or such to use.  It does have a bit more power 
but that is a bit of a plus with the propagation of today.  One can also 
move to 15 meters with them which the CB would not do without extensive 

73  Jim

> Pfft! How DARE anyone get excited about band openings?
> QUICK, throw water on them! LOL
>> On a "good" sporadic E opening, you can have solid audio and strong
>> signal levels. The key is being there when it happening. Since we're at
>> the bottom of the sunspot cycle, consistent and/or long term great
>> conditions, can only be a dream.
>> Pete, wa2cwa
>> > Paul,
>> > Your excellent recording sounded like a 'closed circuit' connection.
>> >  What
>> > antenna were you using and when do you expect conditions to return
>> > to that
>> > level of contact?
>> > 73,
>> > Ken W2DTC

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