Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Sat May 27 18:38:03 EDT 2006

N4XY responds to Pete's comments about the recommendation 
of trashing an old,  NIB Johnson Whiteface transciver:

Since I can't let Pete's comment(s) sit, I'll make one last public 
remark, then drop it on the list as far as my own comments are 
concerned. The trick is going to be to do this without flame. So here

Where else does one put an NOS/NIB radio with all the papers/etc? It 
would be fine to get it out and operate on occasion, but since it is 
CB, I just wouldn't do that. Yet... I would have considered buying it 
(these days I probably couldn't have afforded this particular jewel: 
it's an allocation of resources thing) if I was suitably flush. Why? 
Because, as I said, I consider it to have serious significance within 
a Historical perspective of the HF Spectrum. THIS radio was THE radio 
CBs were compared against for years. I only know about it at all 
because of the number of 'Citizens' I heard/overheard talking about 
White-Face-Johnsons. I believe its place in the chronicles of HF 
Radio in general is a significant one; and it just seems like a shame 
to find a NEW one and chop it up. Now that I think about it, if I WAS 
flush, I'd try to buy this myself in a heartbeat. I think it is that 

Now for the difficult-almost-flame part: Why in the world are you 
even ON a reflector like this one Pete, if radios-to you-are just 
bundles of components? And if it's just CBs ONLY that you feel that 
way about, why is yours an opinion even worth remarking? As folks 
like to say these days: whatever. Please feel free to disparage all 
you like off-list-and I guess even one good shot ought to be allowed 
ON list since I took this one. I actually do not mean it as an 
insult, but am mostly just curious. You seem to have no respect for 
equipment at all.

One small aside: I do not mean to be wearing false colors: I am the 
Reflector Manager for the QSL.NET EFJohnson email Reflector. I cannot 
recall EVER seeing anything about CB on there. If there ever has 
been, it has been so infrequent I just don't remember it (and 
wouldn't have paid much attention to it anyway.) I just didn't want 
somebody thinking about it later and seeing some agenda in this.

At 03:43 PM 2006-05-27, Peter A Markavage wrote:
>How many of these things need to float around to preserve history? And
>preserve it for whom? It's a "plain-jane" CB; a box of hardware and
>components connected together. It was one of dozens of models popping up
>during that time frame. It wasn't even the first CB on the market. Chop
>it up, modify it, turn it into a blender, or whatever. It has little
>historic significance for future generations. Personally, I would sell
>it, and buy a real radio.
>Pete, wa2cwa

72/73 Ed Tanton N4XY <n4xy at earthlink.net>
= = =

"Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it" - so I guess
we all know what to buy Pete for Christmas this year!

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