[AMRadio] RCA blower

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sat May 27 22:11:05 EDT 2006

>From: Rick Brashear <rickbras at airmail.net>

>Thanks for the tips, Paul.  There is no doubt the service will be 
>considerably lighter than its original application and likely I could get 
>by with less air flow.  I'd just like to get it back close to original if 
>possible.  I will be looking for a quieter blower, no doubt.  However, I've 
>been searching for that elusive "quiet blower" for some time for my 3K 
>Premier and have yet to find it.

I cut down the blower noise on my Gates BC1-T to useable level by rewiring 
the fans to run at half  voltage.  Originally they were on a 220v circuit, 
so I rerouted the leads to run them on 110v.  Despite reduced air flow, they 
still keep the interior of the transmitter cabinet cool, but instead of 
sounding like a vacuum cleaner running, I can just barely hear them.  The 
transmitter is located about 15 ft from the operating position.  Before the 
modification, I had to disconnect the fans altogether because the 
transmitter was too noisy to use in the same room.

I checked, and the fan motors do not run hot at reduced voltage, which can 
be a problem with some electric motors.

There was an unused toggle switch on my transmitter, so I wired it to 
operate the fans.  With a flip of the switch, I  can turn the fans on (at 
1/2 voltage) or turn them off altogether.  I usually do not run them in 
winter, when I keep my shack at about 60 degrees F to save on heating fuel.

Don k4kyv


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