[AMRadio] Another Good Day for 10 Meters?

Dan Wright dwright12 at neb.rr.com
Sun May 28 08:50:32 EDT 2006

>at 6:45 AM central time on Sunday morning, the cw beacon band has at least a
>dozen beacons. I'm hearing as close as Raleigh, NC, and as far away as
>Onterio into my Mississippi qth.
>I'll return from church near 10 AM, and will then have a rig sitting on 29.0
>for the remainder of the day.

Me too.....I didn't get much of a response yesterday, but I ain't givvin'
up so easily.... >:-}

I'll have the G-76 on 29.0 and maybe tune up the HA-410 as well. I
will be listening from Lincoln, Nebraska. Six is already open to the east
here....it's 7:50AM CDT.

73 de Dan -- WA0JRD ..

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