[AMRadio] 10 Meters

Peter Markavage manualman at juno.com
Sun May 28 13:22:06 EDT 2006

Both 6 and 10 meters were "hot" Saturday evening here in NJ. 6M SSB
stations were heard and worked all the way up to 50.25, mostly from the
central and southern states. Could not raise anyone on 6M AM. On 10M,
heard several AM QSO's after 8PM EDST, mostly 5 stations working 4's and
3's. Heard a few SSB stations but most of the activity was down in the CW
section for the contest. Most, if not all of this activity, probably was
attributed to Sporadic E ionization. MUF never got anywhere near 28 MHz.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Sat, 27 May 2006 20:11:33 EDT W7QHO at aol.com writes:
> In a message dated 5/27/06 4:05:00 PM, mark.k3msb at gmail.com writes:
> > Called CQ quite a few times between 2230 and 2300 today 
> (Saturday).
> > 
> etc., etc.
> Not hearing anything on 10M out this way.
> Dennis D. W7QHO
> Glendale, CA

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