[AMRadio] BTA 1R1 on higher bands

neal Newman cozy659 at yahoo.com
Sun May 28 19:53:48 EDT 2006

 Hello John
To start with  Ill tell you a little about me.
I am a broadcast Engineer and maintain Mostly AM
stations. Actually the Company I work for has 55 AM
stations. I also  work for a consultant as a field
Engineer.and have retuned many rigs to new
The Problem I found with the RCA is the output
Network. I for one like to keep the Broadcast Rigs as
close to origonal as possible. For 160 Meters with the
RCA BTA series. all you really need to do is remove
one Cap and then change the Taps on the Coils.
 no other mods are needed.
 However to move the Rig to 75 meters. it can Be done
 but you have to Build an entirly New output network.
I am not saying It cannot Be Done. I  feel the Rig has
more Value if kept close to Factory origonal.
The guy who had My BTA 500r before me attempted to do
just as the above. He rebuilt the output network
I checked his work. seemed ok,but the rig ran into
oscilations  and Eventually smoked..
I  bought the transmitter and rebuilt the origonal
network fixed a few smoked Items.replaced all the caps
and resistors in the oscilator board.
Tuned the ouput  with the Slider can Cap in the Coil
the RCA stock tuning to Center. to 1.885
Turned on the AC  and the rig came back to life. 
If you goto my calls KA2CAF  in QRZ.com
 I have links to this particular transmitter
also My Collins 300G  and my Gates BC-1H1


--- John Lawson <jpl15 at panix.com> wrote:

> On Sun, 28 May 2006, neal Newman wrote:
> >
> > Neither Rig worked well On 75 meters.
>     What problems did you find? What did you do to
> try and get a 1R1 on 75? 
> I've got one on the way, and I intend to do just
> this - I'd be very 
> interested in your experiences...
>    Cheers
> John  KB6SCO
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