[AMRadio] BTA Mods

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon May 29 10:21:39 EDT 2006


Thanks so much for the insight and advice.  I think first hand 
experience and advise from that experience is most valuable.  Larry 
Will, another fine engineer, has also given me some great advice and 
help.  Hopefully, with the things I've learned thus far and the help and 
advice from you guys who have "been there and done that", I'll be able 
to get this old gal back on the air.  I really don't want to make any 
major modifications in the layout or circuitry if I can help it.  I have 
always thought it a great challenge to retain the original design and 
layout while achieving my goals.  Whether it will be possible in this 
case remains to be seen.  I'll keep you guys posted on my progress and 
I'm sure I'll be tapping into your vast experience for help and advice.


neal Newman wrote:

> Hi Rick 
>No matter what I tried to Fix what was done to this 
>It would Put out Spurs all over the place.
>Yes  It got to 75 meters...looking at the spectrum
>analyzer It was all over the place.
>these spurs were causing High currents  and arcing.
>in the output Network. self oscillations the
>transmitter was what I call a Runaway. you Could pull
>out the crystal and it would still deliver full output
> Not a Good sign..
>thats when I decided to Build the output network back
>to the RCA design. and try 160 meters..
>it worked first shot. Clean spectral.
>If you like to Tinker with High voltages and networks.
>and not worried about Blowing out coils. Cool  Go for
>it. I would recommend you put a spectrum analyzer on
>it when your Done. best to cover your butt..
>and If you Do get a clean Output on 75 meters. Let me
>know  Ill try it on another Rig I just picked up..
> Now  I know the Gates BC-1H  can go to 75 meters
>I know  one down  south where its a dual bander it
>does 75  and 160 meters. going through a Divorce right
>now. so eventually Ill get to working on the Gates..

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