[AMRadio] BTA Mods

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon May 29 11:40:35 EDT 2006

Hi Jim,

I don't have the schematic yet, but the input to the trace on the board 
that goes to the coil goes thru a rectifier diode then on to the coil.  
The relays are both marked "Potter & Brumfield SL4349 Reversing Polarity 
Latch". I have been unable to find any information on the relays 
themselves thus far.  They are very small plug in type relays and the 
diagram on the case indicates they are DPDT.  I have not tried to power 
the relays to see if the contacts are working properly since I'm not 
sure of the voltage of the coil.  I am assuming they are 115 v, but I 
don't want to chance it. 


Jim Wilhite wrote:

> That is interesting about the relays Rick.  Are you sure they are DC 
> coils? I have a P&B LK 17A relay here that NIB.  It is the same setup 
> but has 115 V coils.  They are marked AC but I wonder if the BTA ran 
> them off of DC?
> 73  Jim
> W5JO

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