[AMRadio] Stock or modify? BC rig "value"

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Mon May 29 12:23:11 EDT 2006

>From: VJB <wa3vjb at yahoo.com>

>Modifications performed in keeping with spirit of the
>original quality of design seem warranted to the
>prospective ham as a way to continue to obtain the
>most useful service out of the transmitter, to provide
>greatest enjoyment to those of us on the other end
>receiving a classic signal like that, and perhaps best
>of all, settling the question of what to do with a
>1000 lb beast if it is to be saved from the landfill
>or the scrap metal yard.
>THAT's why converting a BC rig to 160-75-40 is a
>valuable upgrade, in my opinion.

Plus, just like a homebrew transmitter, a skillfully and carefully done 
modification or conversion places some ownership of the design to the user 
of the rig, making it more than just a polished-up used appliance.

Don k4kyv


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