[AMRadio] For W5SUM

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Mon May 29 12:25:27 EDT 2006

Mike this is the email, and was glad to work you!! Great Signal out of 
jackson into shreveport. Glad you could here my peanut whistle 30watts LOL.

Ronnie - W5SUM

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Subject: [AMRadio] For W5SUM

> Ronnie, I thought I had saved your e-mail address, but guess not, so 
> I'll ask the forgiveness of the list for this one.
> I'm hearing the N5DUH beacon from Bossier City on 28.287 with 
> consistant 56 to 57 signals.
> That's amazingly short from there to Jackson, Ms.
> I'll listen for you on 29.025 just to see if we can make it.
> Mike Duke, K5XU
> American Council of Blind Radio Amateurs
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