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On 5/30/06, W5OMR/Geoff <w5omr at satx.rr.com> wrote:

> > and it just seems like a shame
> >to find a NEW one and chop it up. Now that I think about it, if I WAS
> >flush, I'd try to buy this myself in a heartbeat. I think it is that
> >significant.
> >
> What chop-up?  different xtals, and a slight re-tune and it's moved up
> 2Mc.  It's a 'mod' (and, that's a stretch) that's easily undone.

Glad someone finally pointed this out. I'm all for preserving history,
and not hacking up old gear to try to make it something it was never
intended to be. There's enough gear out there to do the job.

BUT! This is my kind of mod. And as others mentioned, it allows the
old rig some use and enjoyment. I'm all for mods that are reversible,
like tube swaps, using different crystals, retuning, and so on. I've
even swapped out a few components on a "R at RE, COLLECTIBLE" Collins
KW-1 years ago to improve the audio response slightly. Yep - I
unsoldered and resoldered. Still completely reversible beyond the
'virgin solder' I wantonly destroyed.(shhhhhhh)

I'm not for drilling and blasting, but to each his own. I really enjoy
preserving the old gear as operating examples, but using it is a huge
part of that enjoyment. I'm not a big fan of "shelf queens", stamps or
old coins are more fun for inanimate collecting. Having something
around that is only what is is if it's functioning fills me with the
need to use it as designed (more or less). If it doesn't (read 'isn't
allowed to') work, it's just another unusual doorstop.

Biggest thing to keep in mind with respect to perceived collector
value and interest: We're it. 99.9% of the people currently on the
planet have little, if any interest in this "junk" as they so often
call it. What are the chances that more people will be interest in 50
or 100 years from now? And even if something is "preserved", what good
is it if it resides in a dark basement somewhere, never to be seen or
enjoyed by anyone? I do believe that 'significant' examples should be
preserved, but a museum has to think of using its limited space to
display items of interest to the masses, not the few. So outside of
the AWA, Fred Hammond's museum and perhaps a handful of others, I
don't see it happening.

It's been a very interesting, informative thread. I also have an old
Johnson Messenger I given to me by an uncle. It was used on the
granite quarry where he worked, to communicate with the big Euclid
trucks they used. Sounds like 10m is the ideal way to get it active
again. It's grubby and sports a repainted brown cabinet, but it still

Chuck, you sounded HI FI FB up this way when we talked a week or so
back. A fine, strapping signal OM!

de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ

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