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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue May 30 11:13:53 EDT 2006

For Sale: Vintage Radio Literature. All prices plus $2
US Media Mailing unless noted.

Philco Radio Manufacturer's Service Bulletin Set with
extras. This is about a 2 inch thick stack of Philco
service bulletins and related literature from
1935-1941. The range is from bulletin 146B cobering
the model 89 through bulletin 425 covering production
changes in 1942 models. It looks like almost all the
popular 1936-37-38 collectible Philco models are
covered. Among the extras included are several issues
of Philco Serviceman, a couple Philco refrigerator
service bulletins, model changes summaries from 1935,
1936, 1937 and 1938, plus some price lists and the
piece de resistance-a cardbard sign 11" x 17" that
with 2 RMS logos. This is an impressive set of
original factory literature. $39

Turner Microphone brochure, undated but from about
1936, 2-color, fold-out, some small tears but good
condition overall. $9

Sylvania News Technical Section, 2 issues from volumes
6 and 7. The earlier issue has chewed up pages.

Hickok 1936 Meter Scales Template. I am not sure what
this was used for. This is an 8.5x11 sheet , printed
front and back with 14 meter scales as used on Hickok
equipment from 1936. The sheet is titled "Exact Meter
Scales As Used In Hickok Radio Service Equipment 1936
Models". Printed in 3 colors. This was  probably for
promotion, but might be useful for restoration of some
of these old testers. $2

Kenyon Transformer 1935 brochure "Kenyon Presents The
Siler Group". Hole-punched but otherwise very good. $9

Kenyon Transformer 1938(?) brochure "Kenyon
Dreadnought Line". Hole-punched and has a streak of
dirt across the top of the first page, but otherwise
very good. $7

Franklin Transformer Mfg. Company "Franklin Amplifier
Components Catalogue No. 70", undated but probably
1935, has plans for a bunch of different audio amps
using Franklin transformers and tubes such as 2A3s,
46's, 53-57-59, etc.  Has specs for their transformers
on the back page. Hole punched and a bit dirty but
otherwise good. $9

NRI (National Radio Institute) courseware set. This is
a large set of NRI course booklets and associated
material. This set includes How To Make Extra Money
Fixing Radios in 25 booklets. Also included is
Practical Demonstrations of Radio-TV Fundamentals
which covers 70 practical experiments. Then there's a
small group of 5 booklets on AC, DC and Hi-Fi. The
last set of 20+ booklets covers everything else-auto
radios, portable sets, P.A. Systems, interference
problems, record changers and TV. This set is in an
NRI binder. There's many issues of the NRI magazine
which went through many name changes. Up through 1950
it was National Radio News-10 of those issues are
included starting with Vol 13 No. 1. Starting in 1950,
the magazine was named National Radio-TV News-26 of
these are included ending with April-May, 1958. In the
Aug-Sept 1958 issue, the name changed again to NRI
News-19 of these issues are included up through
Oct-Nov 1961. By 1971, the name had changed again to
NRI Journal-six of these issues are included up
through March-April, 1972. But wait!-There's more.
There's also 4 issues of "Bulletin!!" (yes, two
exclamation points) plus an NRI Alumni Association
Membership Card and a list of "Professional Charges"
for NRI servicemen, which says, among much else, that
the charge to service a radio in the customer's home
should be $4! Finally, making it all worthwhile, this
set includes the complete original manual, assembly
instructions and oversize drawings for the Conar Model
400 Novice Transmitter. $27 for everything plus $8 US
Media Mailing cost.

ARRL The Radio Amateur's License Manual, 18th ed.,
1944, no covers. Free with any purchase.

Precision Electronamic Test Master Series 10-54 manual
photocopy. This is a tube tester with a built-in VOM.

G.E. Ham News, Jul-Aug 1951-Signal Slicer. $1

Forest Mims III, Getting Started in Electronics,
Archer (Radio Shack), 1984, 130 pages, large format
paperback. $3

Sylvania Hints pocket book series including Radio Tube
Hints, Radio Circuit Hints and Radio Equipment Hints,
pocket booklet style, 1943, each one is about 65 pages
plus Sylvania ads at the rear. $5/all 3

Mark S. Starin, How To Buy and Convert Surplus
Electronic Equipment, Tab hardback, 1982, 475 pages.
This is in excellent shape with dust jacket. It covers
TRC-77, GRC-9, PRC-6, FRR-36, RT-70/GRC, RT-66, -67,
-68, the Motorola handie-talkie, RF Communications
Co-Pilot plus some antenna equipment and test gear.
Quite an impressive book. $30

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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