[AMRadio] FS: QF-1, Millen, Kindler, Hickok, Measurements, Sprague,

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue May 30 11:15:24 EDT 2006

For Sale: Boatanchor Miscellany. All prices plus
actual shipping cost unless noted.

Heathkit QF-1 Q Multiplier. All original. Dirty but
should clean up to excellent original condition. $20
plus $8 US Priority Mail via Flat Rate Box.

Jame Millen Absorption Wave Meter Set including 4
handheld, tuneable absorption meters-90605, 90606,
90607 and 90608. All housed in the original black
metal case or shelf or whatever it is. Dirty but will
clean up to excellent original condition. $20 plus $8
US Priority Mail via Flat Rate Box.

Kindler Electronic Equipment Transistorized
Emitter-Dip Oscillator (grid-dip meter). This
apparently covers 2-108mhz in 7 bands. All 7 coils are
present as is the original metal case for the whole
set. Unfortunately, the foam rubber interior has
started to crumble so some cleanup is necessary. But
this appears to be in excellent condition. $20 plus $8
US Priority Mail via Flat Rate Box.

Ford spark coils (2). Seem to be complete and intact.
$8 each plus $8 US Priority Mail via Flat Rate Box.

Hickok 540 Tube Tester. I think this is 1944-vintage.
The panel is good, but the cabinet covering has lots
of scrapes and tears. This looks like a 1930's tube
tester until you notice that it has miniature tube
sockets. With working roll chart, schematic and manual
for the 510, 530 and 550 testers. Most of the screws
holding the panel in are gone. Untested and as-is. $60

Measurements Model 59 grid dip meter with all coils.
This has the regular head covering 2.2mc to 400mc in 7
bands, but it also has an extra UHF head that covers
380-450mc. Untested. Looks good. With original manual.

Tuner Plus Three amplified desk mic with 2-pin
Amphenol mic plug. Dirty but should clean up to
excellent. $10 plus $8 US Priority Mail via Flat Rate

Military Signal Corps ME-51/UPFrequency-Power Meter.
This looks like some sort of frequency-specific power
meter. Missing 2 knobs and snap-on cover. $15

B&W 850 tank coil. This is a huge coil with
switch-selectable taps. The celluloid coil supports
have rotted. The front wafer of the selector switch is
missing contacts. Easily restored for your California
Kilowatt. $20 plus $8 US Priority Mail via Flat Rate

B&W 425 Low Pass Filter. Good for 1KW from 1.5mc to
30mc. I have 2 of these brand new in the box. $10

Military BC-458-A command set transmitter covering 5.3
to 7mc. This has been ham-modified with a filament
transformer on the rear and other power supply
components where the 1626-1629-crystal section is in
the rear. Pencil markings on this say "Feb 1957 QST"
which, as I look this up, calls for converting a
BC-458-A to "An All-Band BC-458-A Heterodyne VFO For
SSB". So I am thinking that this would be used with
something like a Central Electronics 10A or 20B. The
front panel is all original except that the antenna
connector has been removed. The aluminum is good,
though it needs cleaned. The output comes out to a
cord with a male octal connector on the end. This
looks like it has potential. $15

Neuses Relay Adjusting Tool Set Model TK-18 with
original instructions. Vinyl carry pouch has about 25
tools-feeler guages, spring scale, needle nose pliers
with custom tips, little open-end wrenches and so
forth. Appears to be NOS. $27 plus $8 US Priority Mail
via Flat Rate Box.

Sprague ceramic disc capacitor assortment. This is in
a long, shallow shop-cabinet drawer obviously
specifically designed for these caps. I don't have the
cabinet-just the drawer. I am assuming that the drawer
would be useles to most people, so what I'm talking
about here is just the caps that are in it. You are
probably familiar with the old Sprague packaging-each
group of like caps is packaged in a clear plastic case
with a hinged lid-slightly larger than a Tic-Tac
container. Each plastic Tic-Tac container has 3-8 caps
in it depending on the size of the cap. The drawer
contains over 160 of these Tic-Tac containers and I'd
estimate there are well over 750 caps here. Most of
the containers are untouched-NOS. Some have some caps
removed. The values run the gamut of the entire range
of disc ceramics from tiny to large. Most are high
voltage-200V minimum, 500V more typical, and some marked
6000V. These are all long-lead caps, no PC-board types
with the leads cut off. So this is a great stock for
anyone that uses disc ceramics. I'd keep them but my
cup runneth over... $50/all

Beckman DVM accessory set-just the accessories, no
DVM. These are NOS in the original boxes with
instruction sheets. Beckman DL-241 deluxe test lead
set, Beckman CT-231 AC current clamp (this is good up
to 150A) and Beckman CT-232 large AC Current Clamp
(good up to 1000A and 1MC).  $20 for all 3 plus $8 US
Priority Mail via Flat Rate Box.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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