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VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Tue May 30 13:39:32 EDT 2006

Funny it should come up on here about certain members
of the Collins crowd and the horrible, sacriligious
view they may take of making unintrusive mods that
improve the enjoyment of a piece of equipment. 

Most of those who would criticise changes in the audio
of later serial number KW-1s fail to realize the
changes actually may correct the transmitter back to
an earlier set of factory values that sounded better
than the value of components installed in later
production examples.

It's also very true that a broadcast transmitter of
any significant age is likely to have been 'changed'
by the station's engineering staff to an extent
ranging from functional modifications to repairs.
These changes typically involve some interpetation
with available components and how they're mounted. 

We, as the Providers of Good Homes when these
transmitters reach private hands then have to decide
whether to "restore" an already modified transmitter
back to original, or functionally bring it up to the
application where it can best be used.

The useful life of a broadcast transmitter can be
extended many many more years by making it useful on
the ham bands.  Interpretation must take place among
us, too. Even the re-tuning from the broadcast bands
could be judged "too much" of a change, as we saw here
with the proposal to move an 11 meter rig up to 10

It's probably the most helpful to all of us to make
way for someone's enthusiasm for working on and
operating with a "new" rig, even if it's a 60 year
old, 250 watt Collins that spent most of its life in
wetlands at the top of Annapolis Harbor, as mine had

The airwaves from this transmitter near Annapolis now
include a signal in the 160, 75 or 40 meter band. I
feel the modifications help showcase a successful
transmitter rescue, and provide food for thought for
others hearing this rig who may find themselves in a
position to someday save one for themselves. 

When they do acquire a classic transmitter they may
apply their own judgements as to how they will
approach repairs, restoration, and re-tuning to the
ham bands.

The alternative fate is not nearly so happy when these
rigs are torn down and tossed out. Now there's a
severe modification.

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