[AMRadio] previous text -- do not include

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Wed May 31 10:02:54 EDT 2006

This reflector can resemble an AM roundtable, where
the person making a transmission comments on previous
by simply speaking in complete sentences. We will
"get" it. 

We again are straying into the same syndrome you
sometimes hear on the air where the person's entire
transmission is recited line-by-line and commented on.

Try now to NOT block-copy the previous text. Just
write in a complete sentence, you know?

I shoulda busted a few of youse guys recently like I
said I would do a few months ago. Instead, a friendly
reminder to
Please be concise, as Mac has pointed out.
Let's use the delete function and keep the repetition
and ambiguity to a minimum - it will be more enjoyable
for all.

Thanks & 73

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