[AMRadio] Stock or modify? BC rig "value"

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Wed May 31 12:21:24 EDT 2006


The considerations you mentioned are getting more and more evident as I 
do the calculations for the R2.  I want to keep everything as original 
as possible, but it seems I will be forced to utilize a different output 
configuration to get to 75 meters.  I intend to use it on 3880 kc thru 
3890 kc.  It would be nice to have the capabilities to slip down to 
3870/75 kc for the West Coast bunch, but that will come later, if at 
all.  I've considered using my Ranger to drive it and may do so at some 
point in time, but initially I intend on being rock bound to the three 
target frequencies.  Thanks a million for your observations, I hope 
everyone will continue to offer their ideas and suggestions.


> Some considerations about moving a broadcast transmitter to 75 or 40 
> that one should make is the design of the RF deck.  Keep in mind that 
> lead length from the tube to the blocking capacitor, from there to the 
> tune cap and on to the coil will exhibit additional inductance....

> 73  Jim
> W5JO

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