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Wed May 31 16:22:46 EDT 2006

Hi Ken,

Do all yall up there in yankee land know what "tumped" means?  True Southerners do.   
Hint:  "Henry done tumped his pickup over in ah ditch" while on 14.263 AM woking Wyoming.    All yall 'tip a cow" in a field, we tump'um. We've also been know to have a tower tump over at the field day site during a passing  thunder storm.  HI And "All right" as in "OK" down here is "ah'ight" and if done properly,  not only do your lips not move, but also your tongue.   I'm told this particular enunciation saves body energy while confirming signal reports on 29.025 AM or in this case as in, "ey ('ey' is another one of them words) Henry, wanna swing on down to 3885 and give me a hollar?   Reply,  "ah'igh".   

cul es bst 73 de robert w4rl73 Robert W4RL

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> "Actually, this reflects a deficiency in the English languages"
> Highway Patrolman to Bubba:  "Got any ID ?"
> Bubba:  "Bout what ?"
> 73,
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