[AMRadio] Ranger... good news, bad news

Jack Schmidling jack at schmidling.com
Fri Nov 3 18:51:36 EST 2006

Thanks to the help of Rick Brasher and others on this list and three 
weeks with the longnose and soldering iron, I fired up the Ranger and 
got standing ovations this morning and on the Noon Net.

The Noon Net, BTW, was a smashing success with 6 checkins including N900 
from this list.

The bad news is, after it was over I was informed that several ops had 
problems hearing me.  I then fired up the TS430 and SB200 and got loud 
and clear from these ops.

So, after all this work, I have a working Ranger that seems to need some 
help.  I also have a working T60 that I was using with the amp while 
working on the Ranger.

With that as background, I seem to have two options if I want to stick 
with tubes:

1.  Boost the power of the T60 to get all I can out of the amp.
2.  Reduce the power of the Ranger for the same purpose.

The latter seems (intuitively) the obvious and simpler option.  However, 
I have read page after page of mods and changes to the Ranger to make it 
suitable to drive an am and wonder why I can't just reduce the drive to 
get about 15 watts out and be done with it.

What am I missing?


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