[AMRadio] Re: BC610 110v using one leg of 220

Larry Will lhwill at verizon.net
Sat Nov 4 17:21:47 EST 2006

Hi Brian,

Think of 220 in your house this way (I am assuming you are not in a 
commercial facility with 3 phase power)

At the power pole the secondary of the stepdown transformer is 240V 
AC end to end with a centertap.  The centertap is grounded and 
becomes the neutral in your main power panel (where ground (green) 
and neutral (white) are combined.  So running around your house are 
various 120V circuits some on one side of that transformer (often the 
BLACK wire) and some on the other (The RED wire in multiconductor 
cables only, everywhere else its always back.).  (In your main panel 
normally every other breaker on each side is on the same leg i.e. 1, 
3, 5 etc.  The others are on the other side or leg as its commonly 
called. That arrangement facilitates 240V breakers like your range, 
water heater, etc.

  The only way to find the 240 is by the measurements described 
earlier.  Its not good form or code to get one leg here and one leg 
there, a 3 wire with ground cable should always feed the 220 
equipment. Black, Red, White, and bare (green).

A short means you connected a hot side to neutral OR both 120V hots 
from each side or leg together.  That will make big fireworks and 
should be avoided at all costs.

Hope that helps.

Larry W3LW

Your exciter runs on one 120V circuit and the neutral.At 05:02 PM 
11/4/2006, you wrote:
>Well, I knew my brain had not gone completely dead.  Turns out this is
>a phasing issue using two different circuits.  One is a regular 110
>volt going to my exciter.  The other is one side of 220 for the 610.
>I figure that I used the wrong side of the 220 to be in phase with the
>110 used on my exciter.  The 610 fired up just fine until I hooked up
>the coax for the exciter, then a dead short.  I hate to sound ignorant
>about such things, but I need to take a rest from it and start over
>when my mind is clear.  Got a lot going on trying to get my big iron
>on the air again after 6 years...
>73 - Brian
>On 11/4/06, A.R.S. -  W5AMI <ars.w5ami at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Trying to get a BC610 going and need to hook to one leg of existing
>>220 outlet, and now I'm just confused to say the least.  The 610E does
>>not have any polarity indicators on the 110vac AC chassis plug.  I'm
>>using a 3 wire 220 outlet with ground, hot and neutral.  In order to
>>get 110, I have to use ground for one side.  Which of the other sides
>>do I use in order to also hook up a heavy Earth ground to the 610
>>without causing a short?!  I'm assuming the hot (black) wire...
>>tnx - Brian
>>"There is nothing more uncommon than common sense." -- Frank Lloyd Wright
>"There is nothing more uncommon than common sense." -- Frank Lloyd Wright
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