[AMRadio] BC610 110v using one leg of 220

Jim candela jcandela at prodigy.net
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    The three wire plug for 220 will have 2 HOT's, and the third is either a
ground or a neutral. Others on this exchange have said it is a neutral.
Whatever the case you have two HOT wires for sure that are 110-120 volts
above the 3rd pin, and they are phase wise 180 degrees apart from each

Several options have been mentioned, and depending on your home wiring, some
are better than others. I'd like to bring up another option not mentioned
that can be used by those of us who have a large current draw from a 110 vac
load, such as a BC-610, who also have a unused 220 vac outlet nearby, and
are plagued by voltage sag, or breaker popping when using the standard
110-125 vac 15 amp outlet in their shack.

I am talking about a simple auto-transformer to transform 220 down to 110
vac. Using this method you can pull power from both HOT legs of your 220,
and not worry about whether that 3rd wire is a ground or neutral, or what
gauge wire that wire is. A quick search shows that Mouser carries these
devices, and at the following link look for Stancor 802-GSD-1500 near the
bottom of the page:



This item is conservatively rated for 1500VA, and will likely provide higher
surges for ICAS without any fuss. This part comes with a 220v plug, and 110
vac outlet, so it will be simple to hook up. Notice that for equivalent VA
rating, an auto-transformer is smaller, cheaper, and lighter than an
equivalent rated step down transformer.

My 2 cents,

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Trying to get a BC610 going and need to hook to one leg of existing
220 outlet, and now I'm just confused to say the least.  The 610E does
not have any polarity indicators on the 110vac AC chassis plug.  I'm
using a 3 wire 220 outlet with ground, hot and neutral.  In order to
get 110, I have to use ground for one side.  Which of the other sides
do I use in order to also hook up a heavy Earth ground to the 610
without causing a short?!  I'm assuming the hot (black) wire...

tnx - Brian

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